Level Up Show

#5 S1 EP5 - Worst To First with Eric Johnson

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Level Up Show, Edward is joined by Eric Johnson, Attorney at Blaisdell, Church & Johnson and author of the upcoming book Worst to First. Eric shares how he barely entered law school and, by all metrics, was not qualified to be there. But with determination and a never say die attitude, he surprised even himself with straight A's. This success would be a stepping stone and Eric experienced a dramatic change within a year of receiving that grade report. He shares that, when thrust into situations where you must play at a higher level than ever before, the best way to learn is by seeking somebody who has done it before. Eric also talks about our infinite mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities which, unlike the physical world, are not bound by space and time.

Episode Notes


02:00 Eric enters law school last in his class

10:02 Expecting the worst grades but getting straight A's instead

14:30 Level up: Talk to people who have reached the level you want to reach

19:10 Worst to First: A first-hand account of how to make it

24:03 How to unlock your unlimited potential


06:41 "I'll just try my best because I'm just here to try and learn how to help people using the law as a tool to do that. And so, with that, I just studied hard."

11:37 "I was just the average guy, really wasn't good enough to be in law school. And so, when I got my grade report, I went over to a corner by myself and I opened it up and I look at the grade report and it's straight A's. How can this be?"

16:47 "When you're looking to level up, when you're looking to play at a level you've never played before, which is what I had to do, what you want to do is find others who have done that."

27:55 "Our abilities are unlimited because what we want to do is learn how to apply our mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities to our physical world. And as we do that, the limits melt away."

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