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The Craziest Interviews—From Showbiz Intern to Podcast Producer with Reena Friedman Watts

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Level Up Show, Edward is joined by Reena Friedman Watts, mompreneur, podcast host of the Better Call Daddy Show, and former producer for The Jerry Springer Show. Reena shares the wild ride from her first job on The Jerry Springer Show and the many lessons she took away as she started on her own podcasting journey. She talks about the growth she experienced starting as an intern and, once she broke out on her own, the other life lessons she learned as a producer. She shares her amazing growth interviewing intimidating people, parenting and nurturing creativity, and interviewing people with the craziest stories.

Episode Notes



Reena: "Everybody believes it's who you know, but it's also how hard are you willing to freaking work. I have seen people start off as a secretary, I have seen people start as a production assistant, I've seen people start as a runner that are now executive producing shows today."

Reena: "I've been booking other people guests for years. What better way to show people that you know how to book guests, put together a story, and market it, than do it yourself?"

Reena: "If there's something that speaks to you that you would want to copycat, do your version of it because if it's popular already but you do your version of it, it's still an original because it's you. And that's a great way to start."

Reena: "I think when you interview pros, when you interview people that have been on hundreds of interviews or have been on the air for 27 years, that really pushes you to be thoughtful in your research, be thoughtful in your questions, be thoughtful in your timing, all of those things. That's an art."

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